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The Eve: The First International Virtual Band


The Eve is a project, a virtual band, a new vision for a new form of international music collaboration. The first international virtual band. All starts from an Alessandro Bagagli’s idea: the willingness to experiment a new form of international collaboration with artists and musicians from all over the world to finalize his new record. This is now possible thanks to new technologies which let artists collaborate from a recording studio to another, all over the world, to share ideas and play instrument parts that end into a finished product as a homogeneous music album.


The 8th album of Alessandro Bagagli's discography had to be different and stunning, not only for the music content but even for the way the music would be born. So why not to let artists from around the world get involved to share a vision, personal musical styles and experience to put into his new music and songs?

Alessandro got in touch with many musicians in the internet, through social networks and music apps, he explained his project and let his songs be listened. Somebody, anonymously, accepted to participate to the project sharing their playing and time to let "The Eve" and its 15 rock songs become true. The main concept is to demonstrate that rock and roll is still alive and that there’s a lot of people in the world who can play it still very damn good.

The first album by The Eve came out June, 7 2019. The Italian rock artist decided to go on with his career with this new brand, "The Eve", because it evokes a moment, a time that get us ready and prepared for something: a change, maybe in the world, surely in the music and in the concept of a band itself.

The Eve is a vision for a brand-new future, a way that we can and must describe with our values and ideas.  Let yourself get involved by The Eve!

The first single by the Eve's new album "Entropy"

"You Should Know" is the first single for the new album "Entropy" by The Eve Band  out now. The lyrics video single is on line on The Eve Official Youtube Channel. 

Alessandro Bagagli

Singer / songwriter / musician / writer from Rome, Italy Alessandro started his musical career as Alex Baggi in 1995, with an Italian band and a rock project named Un po' di sentimento. He says: "I wanted to be a R 'n' R star and so I bought my first guitar at 13 years, like The Byrds suggested". He thinks about his music as free and independent from any marketing or mode constrictions, writing and playing just the music he loves: hard rock, classic rock, funk rock, country rock. His musical production may be considered a little bit "versatile", for the musical genres it represents but the artist says that that is the core strength of his music, so far to be identified by just one musical style.

Official Discography

The Eve - Entropy




Highways & Cigars




Shouted Songs




The Eve - The Eve



Out in the Nowhere




The Eve - I'll Make It Up 2 You (single)




Live & Die




Primal Life




Magic in the Air


Under the Gun


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Alessandro Bagagli